GALGO extends its line of 3PMSF certified treads.

The DGR [Drive Galgo Regional] tread design is now part of the GALGO 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake Certificate) product line.

This certification is given to all those treads that meet winter performance requirements and have successfully passed the approval tests established by the ECE 109 R Annex 10 norm, of the European Union Regulation.

The DGR [Drive Galgo Regional] design provides extreme traction in wet, snow, and muddy conditions. It features a block design with aligned sipes and an open shoulder for cooling and self-cleaning. It has a variable pitch design for noise reduction and angled blocks to reduce stone retention.

With this new addition to the GALGO 3PMSF [Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake Certificate] product line, GALGO  is proud to offer 21 certified 3PMSF treads to our valued customers.